AYC Policies

AYC Group, LLC Policies & Procedures

Wholesale Permit

A Wholesale Business Permit is required before all transactions with AYC. All new Distributors must complete a Distributor Application Form. Texas and Georgia-based customers must submit a State Tax Exemption Certificate. Additionally, AYC requires a copy of the state-provided business permit/license from all Distributors.


  • All orders need to be submitted via email, text, or phone. Accurate product numbers and/or descriptions are required on all Purchase Orders. If there are any questions regarding a product or an invoice, please contact our Sales Support Staff at sales@aycllc.com or 972-926-6488 ext. 1.
  • An Estimate will be emailed back to you to acknowledge your Purchase Order. To continue the order process, please review the estimate and send back a confirmation.
  • After we receive confirmation of your estimate, we will then send you a finalized version, also known as a Sales Order. Please allow us 2-5 business days for processing and shipping out your Sales Order. For all pedicure spa orders, please allow 7-10 business days for processing.
  • The first day of processing begins after the receipt of written confirmation of the Sales Order and completion of payment. Processing includes picking, packing, and delivery of the packed items to a shipping carrier. Any issues in the process will cause unexpected delays in the fulfillment of the order.
  • Any expedited shipping order must be confirmed and paid off before 12:00 PM that day.


AYC reserves the right to adjust, change or cancel all orders due to errors in the order process, incorrect pricing and/or incorrect shipping costs.


  • AYC accepts checks, BOA bank deposits, wire transfers, and all major credit cards. We accept checks via mail or through picture images via email or text.
  • A $25 fee will be imposed on all Non-Sufficient Funds. Any pending orders will be held until payment is received in full. In the case of a past-due balance, all pending orders will also be put on hold until the balance is paid in full.
  • All orders must be paid in full before leaving AYC's warehouse.
  • Order cancellations will be approved or denied on a case-to-case basis. Orders packed and ready to ship will be subject to a 10% cancellation fee.
  • A 15% cancellation fee will be applied to hold orders if canceled after 72 hours. AYC will only hold inventory for 90 days free of charge; beyond that, a $20 weekly pallet storage fee will be applied to the order.
  • In the event of the cancellation of a custom order, such as custom barber chairs, or any other special requests, the 30% deposit taken when the order was placed will be retained by AYC.
  • Cancellation of pedicure spa orders that have been built will be subject to a 20% cancellation fee for the cost of materials and labor.


  • All returns must be authorized beforehand by both AYC and AYC's Authorized Distributors. For authorization, please email us your request and any related photos or videos, and one of our AYC Service Representatives will contact you for further assistance.
  • Once the returned merchandise has been received by AYC, a refund and/or credit will be processed within seven business days. Any refund and/or credit issued will be based strictly upon the transaction between AYC and the Distributor; any prices involved in a transaction between the distributor and the consumer will not be considered.
  • New, unused products in their original packaging are eligible for a full refund if they are sent back to AYC within 30 days of delivery. Returned products without original packaging will be subject to a minimum restocking fee of 25%.
  • After 30 days from the delivery date, no return requests will be accepted, regardless of the reason or condition of the product. AYC is not responsible for any shipping charges regarding a declined return, and any such products can be disposed of at AYC's discretion after seven business days.
  • Original shipping charges are non-refundable, and AYC is not responsible for any expenses incurred in the return process.
  • All returned products will be subject to inspection. If upon inspection, AYC discovers damages due to improper packaging or customer misuse, then additional fees may be imposed.
  • Custom items, clearance products, and special orders are ineligible for any returns or exchanges. Any products that have already been installed and/or connected to plumbing (including but not limited to shampoo backwash units, pedicure spas, etc.) are ineligible for returns/exchanges.
  • Kit items may not be partially refunded - all parts of the kit items must be present to be eligible for a refund.
  • Clearance items are considered final sales and non-refundable and are not eligible for returns or exchanges.


  • Shipping charges are estimated as accurately as possible. Still, they may be subject to change if vital shipping information is not provided when the shipping quote is requested or if product availability changes.
  • Small package orders will be shipped via Ground Service. A small package is defined as when a package's length plus girth [(2 x width) + (2 x height)] combined is below 130 inches (330cm).
  • We are not responsible for any lost, held, or damaged packages for shipments going to Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. Territories, and other countries. We are not responsible for delivery errors via carriers or incorrect shipping information.
  • Large or fragile package orders will be shipped via Less Than Truckload (LTL) using a Freight Carrier. Expedited and accessorial services, such as Lift Gate and Inside Delivery, will be additional. A large package is defined as when a package's length plus girth [(2 x width) + (2 x height)] combined exceeds 130 inches (330cm).
  • Requests for in-person pick-up or 3rd Party pick-up may be approved at the discretion of AYC. Distributors who choose to use their freight carrier have the option to provide AYC with a Bill of Lading and schedule their pick-up during AYC's dock hours which are between 12-5 PM CST. We will ship your order by Collect or Third-Party Billing. Distributor-provided BOLs must be paid by Collect or Third Party Prepaid. By choosing to use your own shipping, Distributor and/or Consumer assumes full responsibility for the shipment regarding freight claims and damages. A Handling Fee of $15 per pallet will be applied to all 3rd Party Freight orders. All in-person pick-up requests must be placed a minimum of two hours in advance. Local pick-up times are between 9-3 PM CST.
  • When you receive your shipment, please verify the number of pieces and pallets before you sign the Delivery Receipt. It is your duty to educate your customers on the proper procedure(s) for receiving shipments. Any damages to pieces/pallets or missing items must be noted on the Delivery Receipt. If the shipment arrives without a pallet, shrink-wrap, or straps, then please note "possible concealed damage" and contact AYC immediately. AYC highly recommends taking pictures of all 

How to Accept your AYC Ground Shipment

No appointment will be required for ground deliveries, and a signature will not be required. Once your customer has received the shipment, they are advised to inspect the packaging and the item itself for any signs of damage. We advise taking photos of the box from multiple angles before opening the packaging, making sure to capture any damage to the packaging before opening. Once you have opened it, please inspect the package for any damages that may have occurred in the shipping and immediately provide them to AYC Service. All damages or missing components must be reported to AYC within 72 hours from the receipt of the package; otherwise, any possible service requests may be denied.

How to Accept your AYC Freight Shipment

Please inform your customer that the freight carrier will be calling them to set up an appointment and that missing the appointment will result in a re-delivery fee.

Receiving Tip: If the shipment looks suspicious such as shrink wraps are not intact, straps are missing, and dents/holes on the boxes, please write "possible concealed damage" on the delivery receipt before handing it back to the truck driver.

Please provide this tracking number to your customer and inform them that the freight carrier will call to set up an appointment. Missing the delivery appointment could result in an extra charge for the re-delivery fee. For an easier way to reach your customer, provide them Receiving Checklist:

  1. Take a picture of the four sides of the pallet before unwrapping it.
  2. Take a pallet count.
  3. Take a box count (each pallet has a paper showing how many boxes are in that pallet).
  4. Check if there is any visible box damage.
  5. Check that the straps are intact.
  6. Check if the shrink wrap is intact.
    => Write a note if the count does not match the delivery receipt, if there is any damage, or if there are no straps or shrink wrap.

Regarding concealed damage:

  1. Take pictures of the boxes' four sides before opening them.
  2. After opening the box & if you see any damage, take a picture of the damage.
  3. Report to us immediately with pictures. The customer has 72 hours to report the concealed damage to us.
  • When you sign the Delivery Receipt without noting any damages, then you are saying that the shipment arrived in good condition and with no missing pieces.
  • If there is any shipping discrepancy, such as visible or concealed damage, missing boxes, or pallets, etc., the distributor needs to contact and report them to AYC within 72 hours, otherwise, any possible service requests will be denied.
  • If there is an issue with your shipment, please keep the shipping cartons and materials until the problem has been resolved or the claim has been acknowledged and settled. Pictures of the damaged product in question must be provided to AYC's Service Team to help determine the best possible course of action.
  • If products are delivered to the distributor and/or consumer, and the shipment is refused for reasons other than shipping damage, then the distributor will be subject to a 25% restocking fee plus all applicable freight charges.
  • If proper freight receiving protocol is followed, AYC will attempt to rectify the situation to the best of our ability. However, if proper shipping protocol is not followed, then AYC will be unable to guarantee any resolution for the damaged shipment.


  • All products offered by AYC are covered by a limited parts warranty that begins the same day the product is delivered. AYC Clearance items and AYC Container Orders are not eligible for warranty or service and are priced accordingly. AYC's warranty only applies to the original buyer and is non-transferable. Extended warranties are available for separate purchase from AYC.
  • AYC's warranty is only active in the contiguous U.S. Should a customer require service outside of the designated area, then AYC will not be responsible for any shipping fees or duties that may accrue during the service process.  
  • Any requests for warranty service will require the approval of AYC beforehand and can be obtained by contacting the Service Department. Requests for warranty service may be resolved by issuing replacement parts, replacement of complete units, a refund, or warranty repair services. Any such resolution completed in full shall constitute the fulfillment of the warranty request approved by AYC. Such resolutions are the sole remedies available to the distributor and/or consumer.
  • In the case of missing parts, customers have seven days to conduct their inspection and report any missing components.
  • If a product needs to be shipped back to AYC for warranty service, AYC will assume responsibility for shipping in both directions. The buyer will assume any packaging costs and shipping damages caused by improper packaging will not be reimbursed by AYC. AYC warranty service only covers standard shipping; if expedited shipping is needed, the extraneous costs will be passed to the buyer.
  • Labor, parts, or unit replacements shall not constitute the extension or renewal of the warranty period. Warranty service that necessitates shipping the unit back to AYC will require a minimum wait time of seven business days for diagnostics and/or repairs.
  • All items are covered under AYC's 1-Year Limited Parts Warranty except for pedicure massage chair tops and towel steamers, which are covered for a period of no more than two years from the date of delivery. The limited parts warranty offered by AYC does not cover damages incurred by wear and tear, extensive or heavy use, abuse, tampering, modification, or mishandling. Commercial standards allow for color variations which AYC has no control over. Therefore, this warranty does not extend to color, grain, or texture. The warranty does not extend to fading, staining, tears, or wear, which have more to do with the environment and care the product was subjected to.
  • If the item sent in for repair is found to be in perfect working condition, a labor fee will be charged, and the customer will be responsible for the return shipment.
  • Regarding all other service questions, please contact service@aycllc.com.
  • The terms above apply to any and all purchased extended warranties.
  • The extended warranties offered will include total of 3 years or 5 years of limited parts warranty coverage.


  • AYC's repair fee is $35/hour for non-warranty repairs and includes 30-day limited parts and labor warranty.
  • The distributor and/or consumer will be responsible for all shipping charges and the cost of parts.
  • If the unit cannot be repaired, AYC will contact the distributor and determine a favorable compromise for all parties involved.
  • AYC disclaims all responsibility for out-of-warranty products we receive in damaged condition.

Limited Parts Warranty Breakdown

AYC's limited parts warranty will extend to all parts deemed defective during the warranty period. If you believe the product has defective components, please reach out to service@aycllc.com.

Pedicure Spas
     a. Massage Chair-Top (2-Year Warranty)
     b. Base/Tub (1-Year Warranty)
Customer/Technician Chairs/Stools (1-Year Warranty)
Styling/All-Purpose/Barber Chairs (1-Year Warranty)
Hair Dryers, Steamers & Processors (1-Year Warranty)
Backwash Units (1-Year Warranty)
Towel Steamers (2-Year Warranty)
Towel Warmers/Sterilizer (1-Year Warranty) 
Facial Steamers/Multi-Function Machines (1-Year Warranty)
Autoclave Sterilizer (1-year Warranty)
Ring Light (1-year Warranty)
Miscellaneous Furniture (1-Year Warranty)

Revised 8/17/2023