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Employer: AYC Group LLC


Job Title: Database Administrator                   


Job Site: 1036 S. Jupiter Rd., Suite 200, Garland, TX 75042


Full-Time: 40 hours per week



Job duties: Modify company’s information database programs to meet management requirements and increase business processing performance; analyze current business operations databases and develop reorganization/restructuring plans to increase efficiency of database and system security; monitor database security measures for sensitive online platform apps design information for Cloud Solutions, ISP Bandwidth and Data Solutions, ISP network services, and network communication and data center solutions; implement a secured tracking database system to monitor clientele profile changes and needs, industry trends, project orders, and computerized cloud capacity; apply principles and techniques of information technology and management to coordinate and monitor physical changes to sales, operation databases, progress and activities of all services; and develop databases to monitor testing procedures of company’s database security systems and to ensure prompt management acknowledgment of testing deviations.



Education Requirement: Master degree in Information Technology and Management, or in Computer Information Systems.


Experience Requirement: None.



To Apply, send resume to:

Attn. Stella Huang


1036 S. Jupiter Rd., Suite 200

Garland, TX 75042


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